Design Ethos

Here are a few principles and values which helped shape my design philosophy and guide my decision-making. Many of them are purposefully opinionated: they characterize the future I intend to create.

Design is not simply art; it is elegance of function.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche


Organize complexity. Begin by defining the structure, hierarchy, and constraints, then let every part find its ideal place. Simplify, but don’t overdo it: simplicity should be a consequence, not a goal.


Embrace rationality. Synthesize the outcome with logic, reason & sensibility; personal taste or aesthetics must serve the product’s purpose, not vice versa. Leave no decision to chance.


Craft with care. Show gratitude towards the user and self-discipline through care, precision, and thoroughness down to the last detail — whether seen or not. Be a force against thoughtlessness.


Less, but better. Accomplish one thing exceptionally rather than two things mediocrely. Concentrate on the essential elements and omit the superfluous. It’s always easier to add than to take away.


Respect the user. Serve, don’t impress. Only seek attention when necessary; only ask for and use what’s needed. Be quiet and understated, not ostentatious or extravagant.


Make to last. Refrain from following the fashion or updating for the sake of being different or new. Strive for an adaptable, expandable, maintainable system. Resist consumerism and throwaways.

Indifference towards people​ and the reality in which they​ live is actually the one and only​ cardinal sin in design.

Dieter Rams