WUPOS Dashboard

WUPOS Dashboard is a data analytics and visualization tool within the point-of-sale system for Western Union agents.

  • Client

    Western Union

  • Industry

    Financial services

  • Involvement

    2016 (2 months)

  • Design team

    2 people

Problems with the existing dashboard:

  • Users can only view data by manually entered date ranges.

  • Redundant yet inadequate charts and graphs.

  • No way to compare data digitally; users are forced to rely on printouts.

  • Broken, touch-unfriendly UI.

Goals for the redesign:

  • Provide shortcuts for commonly used time frames to view data.

  • Revamp the charts & graphs.

  • Make comparison a breeze.

  • Fix the UI; add touch support.

The redesigned dashboard

Easily switch between week, month, year, and year-on-year views.

Demo of the view switch.

Bye-bye, pies. Hello, bars. Now compare data effortlessly.

Vertical analysis across corridors.
Horizontal analysis over time.

Sort, filter, and customize charts & graphs to your heart’s content.

Sort data in various ways.
Switch to percentage view for easy comparison.

Project artefacts