Royale with Cheese

Letterpress print, 2014

Poster by Daniel Bennett.

Royale with Cheese is a poster I designed and printed with letterpress. The theme of the project was “your favorite movie quote.” I selected the quote from Quentin Tarantino’s film, Pulp Fiction.

The poster features a silhouette of character Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L. Jackson) made out of his lines from the “Room 49” scene leading up to the quote, “Royale with Cheese.”

The silhouette was an abstraction based on a fan poster by Daniel Bennett, which referenced a shot from the aforementioned scene in the film.

The inspiration for the typefaces came from the film’s title (for the main quote) and McDonald’s hamburger packaging (for the silhouette lines).

I used gold ink as it’s the color of both royale and cheese, and I matched it with black to create the light and dark tones that make up the silhouette.

Two photopolymer plates — one for each color — were designed digitally, developed on film, then etched and mounted on the press bed. Each poster needed to be printed twice, with careful alignment between the runs.

Finally, the finished posters were cut and signed.

Behind the scenes