Hello, I’m Sam.

I’m a product designer making software systems for public safety at Axon in Seattle, Washington.

Previously, I worked at DaVita, a healthcare provider headquartered in Denver, Colorado. I was part of a team designing and building the next-gen electronic health records (EHR) & clinical admin system for clinicians working in DaVita’s kidney dialysis centers.

Before that, I was a UX specialist at Universal Mind, a digital design agency in Denver. There I had the privilege to work with clients including Herman Miller, Western Union, and Complete Genomics on products across mobile, desktop, and web.

I graduated from Indiana University’s HCI/design master’s program in 2014, and I’ve been working in design since. Before coming to the United States, I studied electronics engineering in Beijing, away from my hometown of Urumqi, a city in northwest China.

As a child, I was always fascinated by machines and how they worked. That curiosity led me into the world of computers and engineering. But by the time I graduated from college, I became convinced that technology alone was not enough; that to make machines easy to work with, I needed to understand the humans who use them. That’s how I ended up in design.

Besides design, I’m fervently passionate about photography. To me, it’s the perfect marriage of technology and art: the former provides the vessel, and the latter fills it with form and meaning; the two are complementary and inseparable. By itself, a camera is nothing more than a light-gathering box; but in the right hands, it can preserve the most beautiful moments otherwise lost in time.

Thanks for visiting. If you’d like to keep in touch, you can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Illustration of my everyday-carry items.