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WUPOS Dashboard

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WUPOS Dashboard is a web application for Western Union agents to analyze team performance with visualized data.



Western Union


1 month

My Role

Heuristic analysis, data visualization, wireframing, and prototyping


Problem & Goals

WUPOS Dashboard – 1.1.png

The existing dashboard has the following issues:

  1. Requiring many steps to compare data historically.
  2. Repetitive and inappropriate visualizations.
  3. Lack of interactivity.
  4. UI looking outdated.

Goals for the redesign:

  1. Simplify the workflow. Provide an easy way to view/compare the data.
  2. Revisit the visualizations. Improve clarity & reduce redundancy.
  3. Utilize interactivity. Make it possible to sort and filter the data.
  4. Improve look & feel.

The Redesign


The new navigation allows quick comparison of the data over common time frames.

WUPOS Dashboard – 2.png


WUPOS Dashboard – 3.png


WUPOS Dashboard – 4.png


WUPOS Dashboard – 5.png



Pie charts are largely replaced by bar charts to improve comparability.

WUPOS Dashboard – 6.png
WUPOS Dashboard – 7.png

Comparison among data points (corridors).

Comparison within each data point (principal vs fees).


By using interactive controls, redundant charts are combined without compromising function.

WUPOS Dashboard – 8.png

Percentage charts are integrated as a view.

WUPOS Dashboard – 9.png

Data can be sorted in various ways.


Project artefacts: paper sketches.


Project artefacts: chart annotations.