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Genos is a personal DNA sequencing service allowing customers to own and explore their genomic data.





14 months

My Responsibilities

User flows, interaction design, visual design, prototyping, and style guide


Visual Design

Genos – 2.png

Public site. Provides information to potential customers about the genomic sequencing service, including benefits, how it works, pricing, etc.

Genos – 3.png

Landing page for existing customers. Track order progress, learn about genomics, or take part in surveys while you wait for sequencing results.

Genos – 4.png

Genome map. An interactive way to explore your own DNA data and learn about the genes and variants in your genome.

Genos – 5.png

Health reports. Access your personal reports on inherited conditions, drug response, and traits based on your genomic data.


Interaction Design


Interaction design for the “sneak peek” tour of the Genome Map. Tap to play video.


Interaction design concept for the public site. Tap to play video.


Style Guide

04 Style Guide.png

Please note: the website design has since been modified.