Hello, I’m Sam.

I was born in Urumqi, went for college in Beijing, then came to the US for graduate studies and stayed ever since. I’m now a user experience designer living in Denver.

I started out in technology, wanting to become an engineer who writes the code and changes the world. As I went down that path I got puzzled and realized that technology alone never changes the world; people do. Then I discovered the beautiful world of design. To me, design completes what’s capable of the technology and packages it in an experience that people can feel, touch, and share stories about. It is how technology becomes part of people’s lives.

In my own time, I’m also seriously passionate about photography. I find a lot in common: it started out as a technological breakthrough to quickly and accurately document the world, then became a voice of social change, eventually an artist’s tool of expression. It is an art that I will pursue for the rest of my life.

I’m currently looking for a full-time UX position. Get in touch using the contact information below, or view my résumé here






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