Hello, I’m Sam.

I am a designer and photographer living in Denver, Colorado. I currently work as a UX designer at DaVita

Previously, I worked at Universal Mind, a digital design & development agency, as a UX Specialist. There I had the privilege to work with clients such as Herman Miller, Western Union, and Complete Genomics on several web and mobile products.

Before coming to the States to pursue my master’s degree in HCI, I studied electronic engineering in Beijing. The years I spent in engineering not only gave me a solid understanding of how technology worked, but also made me realize that the people inventing the technology often forgot to include the most complicated of all variables — the human element — into the equation, and to understand it I needed to study how people work. That’s how I ended up in the world of design.

Besides design, I’m also deeply passionate about photography. It is a means by which I study people and the world around them, as well as a form through which I express my point of view — in many ways, very similar to design. Head over to the gallery for a selection of my favorites, or follow me on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting. Find me on the social networks below if you would like to connect.